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"Oh Baby" was all I could say when I discovered I was pregnant. With fourteen years experience as a graphic designer you would think that I would be prepared for the ultimate creative process... but, of course, I wasn’t!

Six months in to my pregnancy I started looking for cool baby clothes that would reflect how I was sure my child would be; a sparky little individual with a great sense of humour. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything. It was all so dull, uninspired, and, well, pastel.

I spent a few days coming up with cool clothing ideas, and the next few weeks showing them to everyone I knew; family, friends with babies, friends without, friends who wanted babies, friends expecting babies. The response was always the same: they loved the unique range of trendy baby clothes. It gave me the confidence to go forward.

This is Frankie, the reason Oh Baby London is here, and the reason you’re reading this! With my baby as my muse, I’m never short of inspiration. When he was born his wonder-filled curiosity fired me to create a range of funky baby clothing full of life affirming anarchy. I hope Oh Baby  London does just that.

The biggest influence in my life… Mike McHalick, my dad. He was also a graphic designer, bursting with enthusiasm and full of sound advice. I grew up hanging out in his studio, surrounded by layout pads, pens, pencils and pantone books. He took me on as an apprentice designer at his design studio at 17 – and there was no going back. He called us McHalick and Son. I was an honorary son... and I loved it.

I’ve always thought of my dad as the most amazing designer and illustrator. He created this angel/devil logo I’ve used since the early days of Oh Baby London. Here he is doing a bit of guerilla marketing on London’s Brick Lane.

Here’s one of the designs my dad created for me as a kid. I've reissued it for a new generation and it was a bestseller this summer.

Isn't it weird how a universal hatred of peas unites the under-fives?

Ten years into the Oh Baby London story, we're now sold in over 100 stores worldwide business is going better than I ever could have hoped for.